Qobuz: Hi-Res 24-bit streaming service

Smooth-On: Mold-making materials 

Genesis: Amplifiers designed by Gordon Taylor

Edge Products: Automotive OBDII monitors and sensors

Amp Doctor: Custom modifications to high-end mobile audio equipment by Gordon Taylor

Kubala-Sosna: Audio cables

Bilstein: Shock absorbers

Cascade Audio Engineering: Sound control materials

Haltec: Valve stems, extensions, and caps

NVS Sound: Audio cables and more ...

Viper: Alarm systems

Mundorf: Air Motion Tweeters

MQA: Audio encoding-decoding system designed by Bob Stuart and available for streaming using Tidal "Master" designated songs

Bosch Rexroth: Structural aluminum framing

Smc Audio: Custom-designed, hand-built audio equipment by Steve McCormack

XS Power: Batteries, power supplies, terminals and hardware

Stinger: Aftermarket car stereo products

Kimber Kable: Loudspeaker cables, interconnects, and USB cables

Dynaudio: Loudspeaker transducers

WBT: Audio connections

Norne: Audio cables and connectors

Radix Wire: High-temperature power cables

Recording label by Jim Merod

Nokian: Commercial van tyres