​​The “Magic Bus” is Jon Raymond Whitledge’s lifetime masterpiece and rolling curriculum vitae. It was conceived in 2004 and first finished in 2011. It has undergone multiple upgrades and revisions since 2011. It is a car stereo without equal. Photos and words cannot adequately describe the jaw-dropping listening experience. Robert Harley of the abso!ute sound® magazine called it “The world’s best car stereo” (Dec ’08 & Sept ’11 & Aug '18). The audio system comprises nine loudspeakers powered by 4,307 Watts rmsSuperior room acoustics is what sets the Magic Bus apart from other car stereos - with 54 acoustical treatments, it is clearly the best mobile listening room ever built. The entire audio system and the interior acoustical treatments weigh in excess of 3,000 pounds! The audio system plays with extraordinary realism from 10 to 22k Hz. In essence, it is a self-propelled audio system! The Magic Bus is constantly being upgraded using the best technology has to offer. The latest incarnation, Version 5.2.3, has over 8 years and 15,000 hours invested in the designing, building, and tuning process.

​The Magic Bus is sponsored by more than twenty of the best manufacturers of mobile and home audio equipment. It is so exceptional, even companies and industry professionals who don't sponsor it, admire, support, and endorse it! 

The Magic Bus could not have achieved this level of success without the support, guidance, and voicing of legendary audio component designer, Steve McCormack.

The mission of the Magic Bus is to forge new frontiers in audio, share the joy of music across all industries with all people, and cherish the musicians who inspire us.