2016 Exhibitions


Capitol Records

June 1, 2016

Los Angeles, CA

In conjunction with Sony, the Magic Bus exhibited at Capitol Records for the High-Resolution Audio Symposium. Jon Whitledge and the Magic Bus stayed at the Hilton Beverly Hills the night before the event. 

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The Home Entertainment Show Newport Beach

June 2-5, 2016

Hotel Irvine Lifestyle Resort

Irvine, CA

​The Magic Bus exhibited at the largest home audio show on the west coast, and Grammy award winning producer and guitarist Larry Mitchell who performed at the Magic Bus in the world's second "silent concert" ever performed in conjunction with a car stereo. 

Jon Whitledge also delivered two seminars entitled, "Magic Bus 3.0 Debuting Sony's RSX-GS9 Digital Media Player" and "Acoustical Performance and Tuning of Magic Bus 3.0". Numerous musicians plugged in with Larry at the Magic Bus, including Jamie Shadowlight, and Jenny Maybe.Randi Driscoll and Jamie Shadowlight joined Larry on stage. 

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WIZNU Studio

July 28, 2016

Los Angeles, CA

The Magic Bus was invited by renowned photographer, Michael Wisnieux, to attend a gallery showing. Jon Whitledge was joined by Kori Carothers. Pink Floyd's saxophonist, Scott Page, listened to, and autographed, the Magic Bus. 

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Cars & Coffee

October 14, 2018
JBA Speedshop
San Diego, CA

By special invitation, the Magic Bus exhibited at JBA Speedshop amongst San Diego's finest hot rods, restomods, collectibles, and supercars, providing exposure to high-end mobile audio.

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Visit https://jbaspeedshop.com
Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

​October 7-9, 2016

Denver Marriott Tech Center
Denver, CO

In conjunction with Sony, the Magic Bus exhibited at RMAF. The exhibit featured Sony's 65" 4K LCD TV and slideshows about the design and tuning of the Magic Bus. 

Sony's famed loudspeaker designer Yoshiyuki Kaku listened to, and autographed, the 'Bus.

Larry Mitchell and Dawn Avery visited the Magic Bus and the show and performed "flash jams" with Cookie Marenco's Blue Coast Records artists Meghan Andrews and Marco Ferraro. 

The Magic Bus also demonstrated Valerie Joyce's superb album, "For Heaven's Sake" using 5.6 MHz DSD playback. 

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Steph Johnson's CD Release Party

October 21, 2016

Bread & Salt

San Diego, CA

The Magic Bus exhibited at Steph Johnson's "Music is Art" album release extravaganza. Attendees included famous musicians, KSDS radio personalities, music reviewer/writer Robert Bush, DJ Satchamo, acroyoga performers, massage therapists, face painters, and "Hula Hoop Girl". 

The Magic Bus played 96 kHz/32-bit studio masters before and after the concert. 

Grammy award winning producer, Kamau Kenyatta, and recording engineer Chris Hobson listened to, and autographed, the Magic Bus.

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