​​Welcome to the New Home

of the Magic Bus!

As many of you are aware, the Magic Bus was formerly featured in a subsection of WhitledgeDesigns.com. Whitledge Designs started out as scientific and engineering consulting company, but the success of the 'Bus caused the website to focus more on the 'Bus and less on scientific consulting. Additionally, WhitledgeDesigns.com was not optimized for mobile phones. Google Analytics revealed that the vast majority of visitors were using mobile iOS devices. It was time for a change, but the work to develop an all-new website was monumental, as information about the 'Bus had grown to over a thousand photos, dozens of videos, and over 65 pages! Furthermore, the 'Bus has enjoyed numerous upgrades that were not well documented. 

MagicBus.biz is an all-new website designed specifically for browsing with smartphones. The background is white for high contrast in sunlight, the text is large and easy to read, and most actions can be accomplished by swiping or tapping. 

This website was last updated on December 20, 2020